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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  August 8, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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this is wjz tv, baltimore. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. desperate plea. baltimore county woman on trial for ordering her husband's murder takes the stand in her own defense. >> the torturous abuse she says drove her to have him killed. >> hello, everyone. >> here's what people are talking about tonight. >> the woman accused of hiring a hitman to kill her husband says she had to or her husband would have killed her first. carla porter makes her unusual defense. >> have you ever seen him before? >> no. >> reporter: during her video taped police interrogation, she continually lied about her
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involvement at first blaming a robber. >> i just wanted someone to hit him for me. i didn't want any of this to happen. i didn't. >> what happened, carla? >> he was just being really mean. >> reporter: porter now admits she enlisted the help of several people including members of her family to hire hitman walter bishop to kill her husband in front of her at the gas station the couple owned together. >> everyone told you what a wonderful man he was. i didn't want to tell you he hit me sometimes. >> reporter: she says he punched and shoved her, threw things at her, slammed her head into walls and floors, and even held a gun to her head threatening to kill her. it was getting so bad, i knew ray was going to kill me. i just wanted to kill him
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first. their daughter briefly took the stand to say she witnessed her father verbally abusing her mother. prosecutors clearly suggesting she's just trying to help her mother out and suggesting carla porter is making up the stories of physical abuse. >> the other five defendants in murder for hire scheme are already serving prison sentences. a maximum sentence for killing his wife and burying her under a shed. her body went undiscovered for 21 years in the backyard of the home where her husband and children still lived. they considered the crime to be an unplanned act of rage. a fast-moving wild fire in the mountains of south california eats up house after house. the fire has doubled in size just since we told you about it last night at 11. five people have been injured and 500 homes forced to
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evacuate. firefighters worked to douse the homes. >> this fire burning not under santa ana conditions but burning under west wind osmoles of the most rapidly spreading fires i've seen. >> more than 15 square miles of hilly, dry brush has burned since the fire started wednesday afternoon. winds pushed the flames in timber woodlands. fire officials have not yet been able to count them all. they lost their rv but were able to save their house by hosing down the roof. >> i thought i was going to die. i got a handkerchief around my face because i kept inhaling smoke. >> i thought we were going to die out here. >> more than one thousand firefighters are battling the blaze. the forecast for the next five
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days calls for temperatures around 90 degrees with 0% chance of rain. rains continue to pound the middle of the u.s. causing widespread flooding. rescue teams in five states are responding to people trapped in their cars and homes. missouri has been hit the hardest so far. forecasters say the flooding will only get worse. heavy rain is expected into the weekend. panic off the coast of ocean city, maryland when a boat capsizes with four men on board. two could not be saved. one of the dead a newlywed from baltimore county. we have spoke with his family tonight. >> reporter: he had just gotten married in march. on monday he decided to go on a rare fishing trip, but he never
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came home. witnesses say a wave caused the boat to capsize 32 miles off the coast of ocean city. one survivor found clinging to the boat, another floating in the water. freddy castro and bill gogel, jr. never resurfaced. >> he was my soul mate, my best friend. i'm going to miss him. >> reporter: she says her husband rarely went fishing. a former marine, he was a proud father of two daughters and three stepchildren. amanda says there are so many things she'll miss about her dad. >> his hugs and his voice. reassuring me telling me it's all going to be okay. >> reporter: the coast guard is investigating the accident. two nearby boats managed to rescue the two survivors and call for help. debbie keeps reliving the last moments she had with her husband. >> his last words to me was i
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love you with all my heart and then he kissed me and went off on the boat. >> reporter: last words she'll cherish forever. and funeral services for gogel will be held tomorrow night. >> thank you very much. the two boats that helped rescue the survivors were participating in the white marlin fishing tournament. the accident happened on the tournament's first day. we now know what killed a former ravens quarterback that disappeared in the michigan wilderness this year. he died of pneumonia during a fishing trip in may. he may have been disoriented. he had prescription painkillers in his system and suffered from a brain disease common in football players. embracing medical marijuana. one of the most high profile doctors in the nation reverses his position on the controversial treatment. cbs and cnn medical
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correspondent is speaking about the switch. we explain how it could impact the issue here in maryland. >> reporter: he's a well respected medical expert and supporters and critics alike will likely watch to see just how much weight his new position carries. the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes has been controversial for years. some argue it's the only alternative for those suffering in pain. in 2013, maryland passed a law legalizing medical marijuana. >> i felt like it cut down on my pain. >> reporter: some think it has a placebo effect. >> i think we've been terribly misled. >> reporter: now a medical correspondent has made an about face. he had been highly critical there was no science to support
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usage now believes there is. >> the science is there. this isn't anecdotal. this isn't in the realm of conjecture for anymore. this is a drug that was used for thousands of years. >> reporter: medical marijuana is used by those terminally ill, those suffering from cancer, even montel williams who has multiple sclerosis. washington, d.c. recently opened its first clinic. >> marijuana is not a dangerous adrug. it's not addictive and it does have medical applications. >> reporter: the doctor is working on a new documentary called weed. he says he's traveled the world and has talked with some of the foremost experts doing research in medical marijuana. >> our law goes into effect in october. the state is still trying to
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determine how marijuana will be dispensed. three winners will split the power ball jackpot worth half a billion dollars. paul white is taking the lump sum payment. after taxes, he'll pocket a little over $58 million. the other two winners have not yet come forward. both tickets were sold in new jersey. great celebration at the national zoo in washington, d.c. after the birth of a pair of critically endangered tiger cubs. the zoo says they appear to be healthy and the first-time new tiger mother has been seen grooming and nursing them. there are just about 500 sumatran tigers left in the wild. a grand jury indicts two friends in the boston marathon
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bombing. a young boy survives a night in the unforgiving wilderness and it's all thanks to a kangaroo. more showers headed our way. i'll have the complete forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this is cloudy, 76 degrees in central maryland right now.
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a five-alarm fire forces a neighborhood in portland to evacuate. fire officials say the blaze started in a five-story apartment building that was under construction. they say the building collapsed. no firefighters were injured. two homes and several cars were damaged by this intense fire. the cause is still under investigation. amazing video from inside a bus in china as it is involved in a roll over accident. watch as the passengers are violently thrown about. some of them sent out the window even. police say the bus was backing up when a tractor trailer drove into it. the driver of the big rig was killed. all 22 passengers were injured. two college friends of the surviving boston marathon bombing suspect are indicted on federal charges. the roommates tried to obstruct investigators by hiding the laptop and backpack containing
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fire works. the 19-year-old nationals have been in custody since may. their arraignment is set for tuesday. if convicted, they could face up to 20 years in prison. another friend is accused of obstruction, but there are talks to have his case resolved. the man hunt expands for a 40-year-old man suspected of abducting a teenage girl and killing her mother. he may be traveling along the west coast with explosives and the 16-year-old in his car. his crush may have been the motive for kidnapping. the bodies of her mother and a small child believed to be her brother were found in dimaggio's burned out home. missing child story in australia has a happy ending thanks to a kangaroo. the kangaroo fell asleep near the 7-year you have will old and helped keep him warm overnight. the young boy was lost in the woods. his mother says simon is doing
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fine and she didn't even mind the smell of kangaroo on his jacket. creatures of the ocean are the stars of the national aquarium. today was the grand opening of the black reef exhibit. hundreds of brightly colored fish have a new home right now. the exhibit is the world's largest replica of the great barrier reef. we give you an up close introduction to calypso, one of the reef's most popular inhabitants. >> reporter: the 260-gallon indoor pacific reef is about to be invaded. the most important thing i needed to know is that the sharks are not in. for now the black tip reef is just 4000 pieces of artificial corll, a few small tropical fish, calypso, the 500-pound sea turtle and me ready for an
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underwater adventure. the curator of fishing and dive safety officer at the aquarium is my instructor and guide. what should we look for? >> i would float around, be calm so the fish will come and look at you and you get to see calypso. >> reporter: we're off and headed below the surface. it is a rare, stunning up close view of what the great barrier reef would look like and almost right away we run into calypso. i have an amazing encounter with this gentle giant. she seems at home already in her new surroundings floating peatfully in the water and not seeming to mind the company. calypso had a few days to adjust before the big fish joined her. the sharks aren't in yet. >> for our safety, we'll feed them first thing in the morning from the surface. >> reporter: below as i dove in
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and said hello, visitors were getting a real sense of what it's like to be at sea level as glass walls bump out right into the water bringing the beautiful replica corll into view without having to get wet. getting to touch and see calypso in her natural habitat was amazing. we know divers go in there almost every day so she's used to the company. >> and for more on today's grand opening, go to and look for the many stories we've posted. she was able to get her hair dry. >> and her makeup on as well. that is the best way to see those sharks -- from the other side of the glass. >> it will be crowded when you go to see the exhibit. they have like 20 sharks in there, by the way. we have a few showers around right now. we had some stuff earlier
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tonight. less than a 10th of an inch in many places. it is warm and humid out there. 76, 73 dew point. very, very moist air. south winds at 5. the barometer holding steady. one little batch of light rain now moved to baltimore county from the beltway moving off to the east, northeast. a few light sprinkles now in virginia. for the rest of tonight, a few more showers. i don't think we'll see any thunder or see any thunder overnight. more activity developing as the frontal system will begin approaching us from the west. 80 still in d.c. 76 here. the dew point way up at 73. where it did rain, there could be fog forming overnight. 66 out in oakland and 75 down in ocean city.
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locally, temperatures in the mid and upper 70s as you can see. southerly winds keep this warm humid air mass in for a couple more days. there is hope that by the second half of the weekend, some drier air can make inroads to the north and west to chicago much more pleasant conditions. ahead of it, there's a big boundary line right here. this is much cooler and drier air. down here hot and humid that's causing this heavy, heavy rain to break oh out. some spots have seen an entire summer's worth of rain in just a day or two. pretty good rain this afternoon from kansas, oklahoma, into missouri. we have in the east scattered showers and storms this afternoon. still have some light stuff across portions of ohio, west virginia. most of it's died out. still a batch of light showers could hit us overnight. and then tomorrow this front approaches from the west. there is drier air behind it.
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i think it may get just south of baltimore. we might see some drying on saturday north of the city. otherwise, stay humid with a risk of scattered showers over the weekend. winds at the bay southwest at 10 knots. overnight, a few showers possible here and there. 72 tomorrow, back up to 87, showers, and maybe a heavier thunderstorm. could be flooding downpours in some spots as we saw yesterday and today. 88 on saturday. not posting any showers except south of us. sunday a little better -- 87 and 86. temperatures near normal. slight chance of a shower monday and again on tuesday. >> thank you, bob. coming up, ravens play their first game since the super bowl. >> starting over with the first pre-season game at tampa bay. we have more coming up in sports. ,,,,,,
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it's not often you see scores like this in football. >> just a warm up, but it's always good to win. that's for sure. the ravens remade their roster after the super bowl. after two weeks of training camp, time to see how the new look squad stacks up to competition pre-season opener at tampa bay. suggs leading the pre-game huddle. veteran chris canti introduces himself to josh freeman a quarterback sack for canti. joe flacco played the first quarter, completed 7-9 passes, but there was this one interception picked off by a former raven. a number of ravens fans made the trip to tampa. bernard pierce takes the hand off, heads down the sideline, he'll make it to the end zone
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for the first touch down of the game. the ravens led 7-6. we saw offense, defense, how about special teams? it's recovered for a touchdown by williams. big game for williams. the baltimore native, there was that touchdown, plus a fumble recovery on a punt, and while playing wide receiver it's williams with a touchdown catch on a pass from taylor. they beat the buccs 44-16. next pre-season game is one week from tonight when the falcons come to ravens stadium. the funeral mass for art donovan, service starts at 11:00 a.m. you can see live coverage here and online. in baseball, a day of rest for the orioles. they're on a long road trip out west starting a weekend series in san francisco tomorrow night after they won two in san diego. everybody in the american
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league is chasing the red hot detroit tigers. a double to the gap part of a 10-3 tigers win. 12 wins in a row. detroit with the best record in the american league. opening round in the pga championship, golf's final major of the year, tiger woods shooting for u.s. first major title in five years. tiger is six shots off the lead and one of the leaders is gym fuhrer. five under par, 65 for fuhrer. more on the ravens tomorrow, hoping everybody was healthy hoping everybody was healthy after hundreds of miles for hiking...or biking. endless rivers and streams ready to take your breath away. and more than enough wineries to please every pallet.
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